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Download WorkDesk 1.08


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  • Software to create virtual desktops and organize your work

    Whats new in version 1.08:
    New feature: (Workspace Export Items...) which allows:
    • to save all SELECTED files from the current Workspace to the specified folder
    • note that the folders, drives and system icons will NOT be copied New hotkeys:
    • Ctrl with digit from 1 till 8 - go to Workspace by their number respectively
    • Ctrl + 9 - go to the last active Workspace which number greater than 8
    • Ctrl + 0 - show list of the all available Workspaces (the same as Ctrl + L)
    • Ctrl + A - select all items in the current Workspace
    • now you can switch between Workspaces backward and forward with Browser Backward and Browser Forward buttons from mouse or keyboard
    • Undocumented features renamed to Additional features
    • in help and now there are all available hotkeys which are not listed anywhere else
    • add menu item to open program site (Help -> Find update)
    • fixed menu when switching language with maximized Workspace window
    • reset window layout for new Workspaces after opening or creating new WorkDesk
    • minor code cleanup

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